The Pacific Pumas –An Emerging Model for Emerging Markets

These four countries along Latin America’s west coast have taken great strides in recent years, and they are poised to emerge as regional leaders. Like the animal, these Pacific Pumas are comfortable operating quietly, away from the spotlight. But their positive momentum is difficult to ignore.
United in the Pacific Alliance, the Pumas represent more than 200 million people with a US$2.22 trillion GDP; their combined global trade accounts for half of the Latin American total, while the depth and breadth of their free-trade agreements have positioned them to increase commerce with Europe, the US and Asia. This is the story of the advancement of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile—the Pacific Pumas—and of the opportunities they have moving forward.
The first section considers the emergence of the Pumas individually. It begins with an overview of the four large Latin American countries that have matured economically and politically precisely as their region, the Pacific, has become a cauldron of global growth. The second chapter highlights the macroeconomic stability of the four, while the third considers their democratic maturation. The section concludes with a chapter on the Pumas’ embrace of globalization, suggesting their preparedness for a 21st century economy.
The second section analyzes the Pumas’ global opportunities. Through the Pacific Alliance, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and
Chile can leverage their individual success through a pact large enough to attract international attention. Chapter 5 debates the importance of the Alliance, while Chapter 6 considers its ramifications throughout Latin America. Chapter 7 examines the importance of the Pumas in greater trans-Atlantic relations, and Chapter 8 reviews the opportunities and challenges the Pumas face in dealing with China
Together, the two sections outline a golden opportunity for the Pacific Pumas to achieve internal prosperity and stability, while emerging as regional leaders and strategic partners of the US, Europe, and East Asia.

Author: Samuel George
Full document: 2014, George, The Pacific Pumas- An Emerging Model for Emerging Markets