The Pacific Alliance Business Council

PABC-CEAP: A Distinctive Feature of the Pacific Alliance Configuration?

The Pacific Alliance Business Council is a private initiative, a body comprised by several of the most representative business people in each of the member states of the Pacific Alliance. The Council has advisory roles formulating recommendations and suggestions to the governments and business unions about the Pacific Alliance and ways to enhance cooperation among the members.

Since its official establishment the Business Council has promoted an ambitious agenda for the integration scheme to develop and many of its initiatives have been channeled with the creation of technical groups entrusted with the role of reviewing and implementing its proposals. They include topics from financial integration to taxation, education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Business Council could become a distinctive feature of the Pacific Alliance since the early support to the integration scheme is a key to develop integration from the bottom to the top.

Integration in Latin America has been a process mainly driven by the governments, but PABC could mean a change to this traditional path.