Academic Work and Scholars

Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences is a great source of in-depth research into the Latin American regional integration with 15 academic units around Latin America. It brings insights from a Political Sciences perspective on to the challenges that Latin America faces with a good number of publications and research documents available to the public for free.

Journal on issues and aspects surrounding regional integration in Latin America with a focus on trade and economic matters. It is a free publication.

Journal by the Institute of Latin American Integration at the Legal and Social Sciences of the National University of La Plata, Argentina. It examines regional integration from a multidimensional perspective: historic, political, economic, commercial, legal, institutional, social, cultural and spatial.

Journal sponsored by the Center of Studies on Frontiers and Integration. It publishes on topics related to frontiers, integration and globalisation presenting very interesting perspectives worth to explore and adding a bit of flavor to the academic discussions.

Scholars that have extensively written on the process of regional integration in Latin America, the different sub-regional schemes and the challenges that they need to tackle.

Felix Peña: (Spanish)
Andres Malamud: (Spanish)
Gian Luca Gardini: (Podcast) (English)
Olivier Dabène: (French)
Pia Riggiriozzi : (English)
Jose Antonio Sanahuja: Jose A Sanahuja (Spanish/English)                                                                                                                                    Diana Tussie:  (Spanish/English)