Pacific Alliance: This Week’s Highlights

The Pacific Alliance wraps up the week with a couple of interesting highlights:

Innovation 3_KROMKRATHOG

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First, The fourth forum of innovation and entrepreneurship LAB4+ sponsored by the Pacific Alliance and the promotion agencies of the four members. The event held in Lima, Peru between 1-2 June aimed to connect and strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems of the region. The two main focuses of this year’s event were social innovation and ICTs. This event consisted of a series of seminars, investment rounds, thematic workshops and demo days.

Second the creation of the Strategic Observatory for the Pacific Alliance. An academic initiative looking to link the  government, the productive sector, and academia. The initiative is developed by four of the leading universities across the country members and will be physically based in Chile. The Observatory emerges as a form of think-tank to inform and support the technical work within the working groups of the PA.

It is worth noting that this is not the first initiative in this direction and other universities also have special programs to investigate the Pacific Alliance (see: I guess this situation suggests that efforts should be made to integrate and coordinate the initiatives that emerge in relation to the study of the PA. Sharing a common technological platform on the projects that have been developed and will be developed would be a great way to ensure academic coordination, reduce the risk of overlapping and duplication efforts and encourage incremental knowledge. Moreover, it would be interesting to explore to what extent universities from other observer members could also join this promising initiative!