Featuring a New Library for the Pacific Alliance

The blog Shaping the Pacific Alliance is introducing a new feature that aims to contribute to the ongoing academic and non-academic research about the Pacific Alliance. The new feature is a library that encompasses more than 200 publications examining the Pacific Alliance. From books to journal articles, general articles and briefing papers, the library provides visitors with a substantive number of documents produced mainly in  Spanish and English.

Visitors will be able to research the publications through the general search engine. Users can also employ key terms to find the materials they are looking for. Publications can also be found by their type (eg journal article, working paper) and language. A research cloud depicting the most common terms used in the publications is also available on the right-hand side, at the bottom of the library page. In case you want to have a bit of fun with your research you can give it a go!.

The references include an abstract in English of the source and a Spanish summary when available. Access to the actual documents is enabled through a link when they are publicly available and not subjected to copyright restrictions. In the limited cases where the documents are not openly accessible a general reference is included.

The library is a significant effort to make readily accessible to the public in one single place a comprehensive volume of sources studying the Pacific Alliance from several disciplines including economics, political sciences, international relations and law.

The hope is that by mapping the research conducted on the Pacific Alliance, it could be developed further in an incremental way by avoiding duplication of efforts. The library also helps to identify areas where there is perhaps overproduction of research and other fields that have not received enough attention in the study of the Pacific Alliance.

This exercise attempts to bridge academic research output and policy development input. Moreover, it aims to be a source of information to several stakeholders interested in the process of the PA from government officials to academia and students.

An important disclaimer about the library is that it does not make a priori judgment of the quality of the research. This is entirely left to the users of the library. The inclusion of these sources in the library does not mean an endorsement of the views expressed in the specific materials.

Please feel free to e-mail us or pinpoint additional sources that you think we have missed.

We hope you enjoy and make the most of this library for your professional and academic endeavours!
Please let us know what you think about this library and ways to improve it.

Photo by Patrik Göthe on Unsplash