Enabling Trade in the Pacific Alliance

This study combines a review of the potential for integrating production in the region with a targeted survey of regional businesses (conducted by the Integration and Trade Sector of the IDB, in collaboration with private-sector associations in the four member countries).

Efforts to reduce regional supply chain barriers to trade should typically begin with an assessment of the impacts of existing barriers. Input from the private sector can help governments to prioritise barriers based on how and to what degree they restrict the flow of goods within the region, and to generate ideas for initiatives to reduce these barriers.

In this report, survey results provide early signals of which barriers are seen as most restrictive to trade within the Pacific Alliance. Although these results are based on a relatively small sample of about 140 firms and have to be considered as preliminary, they are generally consistent with the findings of the Enabling Trade Index, and the authors believe they are accurate.

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Institutional Author: World Economic Forum, Inter-American Development Bank and Bain & Company

Spanish Title:
Facilitando el Comercio en la Alianza del Pacífico

Full document: 2014, WEF Enabling Trade- Enabling Trade in the Pacific Alliance