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editor photoAna María Palacio Valencia – Bio

Ana Maria Palacio has a PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her thesis project examined the current organisational architecture and the institutional practices developing within the Pacific Alliance to assess their suitability in supporting the integration, identify shortfalls and provided insights on possible measures that could respond to the demands of the integration.

Ana María Palacio worked for several years at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism in Colombia providing legal advice on issues related to technical barriers to trade and services regulation. Moreover, she was part of the government team in several preferential trade agreements negotiated by Colombia and assisted in the implementation of PTAS. Ms Palacio has a Masters of Laws from the University of Melbourne, graduate diplomas in business law from Deakin University and Externado University and a Bachelor of Laws from EAFIT University in Colombia.

Ana Maria has consulted for the Inter-American Development Bank, The United Nations Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) and the Observatory of the Pacific Alliance hosted by the Catholic University of Chile on a variety of issues related to the Pacific Alliance.

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