Asia Pacific

Think Tanks and Research Centers
  • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies: (English)

This institute based in Singapore develops in-depth research with three primary focuses: Regional Economic Studies, Regional Social and Cultural Studies, and Regional Strategic and Political Studies. An excellent resource to get a better understanding of the contextual, political and historical aspects related to the integration in Southeast Asia. Specially interesting for the purpose of this blog are the ASEAN Studies Centre ( and the Singapore-APEC Centre.

APEC Centers

The following research centers share the thematic of examining APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Forum) with multidisciplinary approaches towards policy development.

APEC Study Centre, University of Hong Kong: (English)

The Australian APEC Study Centre, RMIT Univeristy: (English)

APEC Study Centre in Canada, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada: (English)

APEC Study Center, Columbia University: (English)

APEC Study Center, University of California, Berkeley: (English)

APEC Study Center, University of Hawaii: (English)

Thai APEC Study Center, Thammasat (Thai)

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there is an actual network of research centres on APEC!

  • The International Journal of Asian Studies: (English)

This is an interdisciplinary publication, edited by the University of Tokyo. It studies Asia as a region and tries to identify trends and patterns within it. It encourages multidisciplinary and comparative study of the different regions in Asia.  (paid access)